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Murrow College of Communication
Join Us In “Making Murrow”

Edward R. Murrow ‘30 was a pioneer in the field of broadcast journalism. It is no coincidence that his college experience included access to expert faculty, state-of-the-art equipment, and hands-on experience at KWSC, one of the nation’s few campus radio stations at that time.


You can continue the Murrow legacy with a gift during #CougsGive. Please join us as we embark on "Making Murrow," a path to improve the Edward R. Murrow College of Communication and mold students into the next generation of industry pioneers.


THANK YOU to our generous sponsorship donors who made Murrow matches and challenges possible! Bruce Amundson (’75), 
Art Eckman (’64), Adam Peterson (’02), and Liz Pritchard (’80) are passionate about Murrow student success and committed to fulfill these gifts.


Dean’s Excellence Fund 
Your gift to the Dean’s Excellence Fund will enable the Murrow College to increase its student support services! Please join us as we take steps to establish the Murrow Center for Student Success, for the first time housing all of these services in one place. Almost 40 percent of the Murrow student body is first-generation college students. Expanding student support services sets up students for success by ensuring they have access to the best resources for their education.

These services include professional development programs that help students with resume-writing, portfolio building, interview skills and mentorships; study abroad and internship opportunities; and one-on-one counseling and tutoring services.


Digital Excellence Fund
By giving to the Digital Excellence Fund, you ensure that Murrow students have access to state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge tools and programs. You help maintain the Murrow College’s reputation as an authority and leader in new media and emerging technologies. 


Murrow Scholarship Excellence Fund
Your contribution to the Murrow Scholarship Excellence Fund demonstrates how much you believe in Murrow students. You will help provide scholarships for students studying journalism, media production, science and technology communication, advertising and public relations. Your generosity ensures that students have the financial support they need to focus on their studies and graduate. 


Art Eckman Sports Communication Excellence Fund
Your gift to the Art Eckman Sports Communication Excellence Fund will help strengthen and expand our newly-established sports communication curriculum, provide access to conferences and learning experiences, and support sports communication internships. You can help strengthen this newly-established minor and ensure success for our students pursuing this area of study!

Murrow College $1,500 Night Owl Match
GREAT WORK! Murrow Cougs finished the night strong and unlocked an extra $1,500 in support, thanks to Bruce Amundson ('75)!
$1,500 MATCHED
$2,000 Murrow Memory Contest
Congrats to Loree Wagner for the great #MurrowMemory throwback photo! She has chosen to designate her $2,000 bonus gift to the Murrow College Dean's Excellence Fund to provide broad-based student support!
1 / 1 Gifts
$1,000 Murrow Noon Throwback Bonus
Congrats to our winner, Marcia Steele Hoover, who shared her best #MurrowMemory and has chosen to designate her $1,000 bonus gift to the Murrow Digital Excellence Fund!
1 / 1 Gifts
$3,000 Murrow Evening Match
Great work! That's another $3,000 extra for Murrow College student success! Thank you to our sponsorship donors for making this happen!
$3,000 MATCHED
Murrow $2,500 Scholarship Match
THANK YOU! That's an extra $2,500 matched toward Murrow student scholarships!
$2,500 MATCHED
$1,500 Murrow Sports Communication Match
Thank you to Art Eckman (’64) for matching the first $1,500 gifts to the Art Eckman Sports Communication Excellence Fund!
$1,500 MATCHED
Murrow College Early Bird Special
There's 20 gifts! Great work, Murrow Cougs! Thank you to our sponsorship donors for the extra $2,000 gift!
20 / 20 Gifts
Bill Graber Faculty/Staff Challenge
Thank you, WSU faculty and staff! Your gifts have unlocked a $15,000 gift to the Math Learning Center from Bill Graber (’65)! Go Cougs!
100 / 100 Gifts
Campus, College, and Department Gift Leaderboard
Which campus, college, or department has received the most gifts?
Rank Department Gifts
1 Cougar Athletic Fund 205
2 Murrow College of Communication 97
3 College of Veterinary Medicine 93
4 WSU Vancouver 86
5 College of Arts & Sciences 67
6 WSU Tri-Cities 64
7 College of Education 62
8 Ag, Human & Natural Resource Sciences 60
9 Carson College of Business 58
10 Cougar Marching Band 52
11 Honors College 44
12 Washington State 4-H 31
13 Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine 29
14 Libraries 28
15 Invest in Cougs 28
16 Voiland Engineering & Architecture 24
17 WSU Everett 22
18 International Programs 20
19 Math Learning Center 15
20 Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art/WSU 14
21 ASWSU Coug Health Fund 14
22 Crimson Opportunity Scholarship 13
23 WSU Alumni Association 10
24 WSU Global Campus 10
25 WSU Health Sciences Spokane 7
26 College of Nursing 6
27 Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences 6
28 Career Services 6
29 Graduate School 5
Campus, College, and Department Leaderboard
Which campus, college, or department has received the most in donations from today?
Rank Department Raised
1 Cougar Athletic Fund $41,817.00
2 College of Veterinary Medicine $26,660.00
3 Murrow College of Communication $24,870.00
4 Crimson Opportunity Scholarship $12,185.00
5 Honors College $10,220.00
6 Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine $8,030.00
7 College of Education $7,864.00
8 College of Arts & Sciences $7,830.00
9 WSU Vancouver $7,362.50
10 Carson College of Business $7,330.00
11 WSU Everett $4,875.00
12 Cougar Marching Band $4,410.00
13 Voiland Engineering & Architecture $4,280.00
14 WSU Tri-Cities $4,170.00
15 Ag, Human & Natural Resource Sciences $4,120.00
16 Libraries $2,885.00
17 College of Nursing $2,825.00
18 Invest in Cougs $2,267.00
19 Washington State 4-H $1,590.00
20 International Programs $1,410.00
21 WSU Alumni Association $1,375.00
22 Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences $1,278.00
23 Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art/WSU $1,160.00
24 ASWSU Coug Health Fund $775.00
25 WSU Health Sciences Spokane $750.00
26 Graduate School $650.00
27 WSU Global Campus $630.00
28 Math Learning Center $600.00
29 Career Services $275.00
Battle of the Decades
It's a battle of the decades! Let's see which generation of Coug alumni makes the most gifts during #CougsGive!
If you are WSU alumni, what is your graduation decade?
Rank Answer Gifts
1 2000s 149
2 1990s 115
3 1980s 112
4 2010s 101
5 1970s 82
6 1960s 36
7 1950s or earlier 4
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