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“Being a Coug is this beautiful bond that brings us all together.”

With scholarship support from people like you, Honors College students become LEADERS in the classroom, laboratories, and local and global communities. For many students, scholarships provide access to a college education and enable them to maximize their full potential beyond the classroom walls.


But don’t take our word for it…read what our scholarship recipients have to say!


My involvement in the Honors College at WSU began in the first semester of my first year, with the First-Year Leadership Program, and has steadily continued since then. I completed the Second-Year Leadership Program as well and am now a student facilitator for the Honors First-Year Experience class for the third fall semester in a row. I am involved in the development of the Honors College and Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine Pathway Program, and with the support of the Honors College, conducted research at the Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine this past summer. Overall, from the connections I have made with faculty, staff, and other students, being a part of the Honors College has been a life-changing experience.


Anna Crowley, Chemical Engineering/German, Pre-Med


It might be cliché, but being a Coug is this beautiful bond that brings us all together. It's being a part of the phenomenal community and having genuine care for each another. College is often an intimidating step in peoples’ lives, whether that means being on your own for the first time, being the first person in your family to attend college, or traveling thousands of miles away from your home. Washington State makes that transition as seamless as possible. And once you’re a part of this family, you’re a member for life. I’ve received the renowned “Go Cougs!” greeting from all over the world.


I wish I could express how much it means to me, more than the few simple words of “Thank you.” It is people like you who make university possible, and it’s truly a philanthropic act of kindness. I thank you immeasurably. When I am older, I will definitely do the same and give back.


Kyler Little, Computer Science/Spanish, Physics, Mathematics


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UPDATE: Let’s make this a #CougsGive tradition! For the second year in a row, Dean Grant Norton and his team in Honors will pass out 129 ice cream grabbers from Ferdinand's to students during Dead Week when we reach 129 gifts in celebration of WSU’s anniversary!


WSU Honors Dean Grant Norton hands out Ferdinand's Grabbers to Honors College students after last year's #CougsGive success!


Colin White $10,000 Honors Match
Thank you! Colin White ('03) has matched $10,000 in gifts to the Art Eckman Endowed Opportunity Fund in Sports Communication!
Ross Cook Honors Scholarship Match
Thank you to Ross Cook (’01)! That's $1,500 matched for Honors College student scholarships!
$1,500 MATCHED
Bill Graber Faculty/Staff Challenge
Thank you, WSU faculty and staff! Your gifts have unlocked a $15,000 gift to the Math Learning Center from Bill Graber (’65)! Go Cougs!
100 / 100 Gifts
Campus, College, and Department Gift Leaderboard
Which campus, college, or department has received the most gifts?
Rank Department Gifts
1 Cougar Athletic Fund 205
2 Murrow College of Communication 97
3 College of Veterinary Medicine 93
4 WSU Vancouver 86
5 College of Arts & Sciences 67
6 WSU Tri-Cities 64
7 College of Education 62
8 Ag, Human & Natural Resource Sciences 60
9 Carson College of Business 58
10 Cougar Marching Band 52
11 Honors College 44
12 Washington State 4-H 31
13 Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine 29
14 Libraries 28
15 Invest in Cougs 28
16 Voiland Engineering & Architecture 24
17 WSU Everett 22
18 International Programs 20
19 Math Learning Center 15
20 Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art/WSU 14
21 ASWSU Coug Health Fund 14
22 Crimson Opportunity Scholarship 13
23 WSU Alumni Association 10
24 WSU Global Campus 10
25 WSU Health Sciences Spokane 7
26 College of Nursing 6
27 Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences 6
28 Career Services 6
29 Graduate School 5
Campus, College, and Department Leaderboard
Which campus, college, or department has received the most in donations from today?
Rank Department Raised
1 Cougar Athletic Fund $41,817.00
2 College of Veterinary Medicine $26,660.00
3 Murrow College of Communication $24,870.00
4 Crimson Opportunity Scholarship $12,185.00
5 Honors College $10,220.00
6 Elson S. Floyd College of Medicine $8,030.00
7 College of Education $7,864.00
8 College of Arts & Sciences $7,830.00
9 WSU Vancouver $7,362.50
10 Carson College of Business $7,330.00
11 WSU Everett $4,875.00
12 Cougar Marching Band $4,410.00
13 Voiland Engineering & Architecture $4,280.00
14 WSU Tri-Cities $4,170.00
15 Ag, Human & Natural Resource Sciences $4,120.00
16 Libraries $2,885.00
17 College of Nursing $2,825.00
18 Invest in Cougs $2,267.00
19 Washington State 4-H $1,590.00
20 International Programs $1,410.00
21 WSU Alumni Association $1,375.00
22 Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences $1,278.00
23 Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art/WSU $1,160.00
24 ASWSU Coug Health Fund $775.00
25 WSU Health Sciences Spokane $750.00
26 Graduate School $650.00
27 WSU Global Campus $630.00
28 Math Learning Center $600.00
29 Career Services $275.00
Battle of the Decades
It's a battle of the decades! Let's see which generation of Coug alumni makes the most gifts during #CougsGive!
If you are WSU alumni, what is your graduation decade?
Rank Answer Gifts
1 2000s 149
2 1990s 115
3 1980s 112
4 2010s 101
5 1970s 82
6 1960s 36
7 1950s or earlier 4
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