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First Gen Study Abroad
Provide a Transformational Experience with First Gen Abroad

Study abroad is one of the most impactful and life-changing experiences a student can have in college. 

It not only gives students an opportunity to explore a new country and new cultures – it also lets them work with diverse populations, develop cultural competency skills, and learn power skills such as confidence, flexibility, and self-efficacy. 

There are academic and professional benefits to studying abroad, too. Students who study abroad earn higher GPAs and have higher degree completion rates than students who do notBy the time they graduate, these remarkable students are highly sought-after applicants in the global job market. 

First-Generation Abroadan individualized, supportive program designed exclusively for first gen students, lets these students participate in study abroad opportunities they wouldn’t typically pursue due to other obligations or financial constraints. Your donation makes this transformative global learning possible for our exceptional first-gen students! 

$1,000 Match for First Gen Study Abroad Fund
Special thanks to Chris Navan '13 and everyone who supported the First Gen Study Abroad Fund!
$1,000 MATCHED
$500 Ambassador Referral Reward
Congrats to Stephen Hines for inspiring 67 donors to make gifts during #CougsGive! He earns a $500 bonus to the fund designation of his choice! Thank you to the `09 Coug alum donor who sponsored this challenge!
Campus, College, and Program Gift Leaderboard
Which campus, college, or program will receive the most gifts during #CougsGive?
Rank Department Gifts
1 Cougar Athletic Fund 224
2 College of Veterinary Medicine 201
3 WSU Vancouver 144
4 WSU Alumni Association 98
5 WSU Everett 89
$5,000 ... $10,000 ... $15,000 First Gen Abroad Challenge
Challenge unlocked! $15,000 has been contributed to support the First Gen Abroad Fund.
Ambassador Total Gifts Inspired Challenge
Congrats to the three most passionate, dedicated, and persuasive #CougsGive Ambassadors! Great work Stephen, Melody, and Michael!
Campus, College, and Program Leaderboard
Which campus, college, or program will raise the most during #CougsGive?
Rank Department Raised
1 Cougar Athletic Fund $146,513.25
2 College of Veterinary Medicine $132,021.50
3 Carson College of Business $76,255.00
4 WSU Alumni Association $24,195.00
5 WSU Vancouver $21,676.50
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