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Invest in Cougs

Invest in Cougs serves low and middle income students through a matched savings program. Through the matched savings, rigorous financial education, and peer to peer mentorship, students have the opportunity to save $1000 and have their savings matched at 400% through funding by donors like you, to use toward their education at WSU. Finances are the most cited reasons for non-persistence in students; Invest in Cougs is here to alleviate this by targeting student enrollment with high unmet need.

To learn more about the program, visit our website at https://provost.wsu.edu/investincougs/

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$500 Ambassador Referral Reward
Congrats to Stephen Hines for inspiring 67 donors to make gifts during #CougsGive! He earns a $500 bonus to the fund designation of his choice! Thank you to the `09 Coug alum donor who sponsored this challenge!
Campus, College, and Program Gift Leaderboard
Which campus, college, or program will receive the most gifts during #CougsGive?
Rank Department Gifts
1 Cougar Athletic Fund 224
2 College of Veterinary Medicine 201
3 WSU Vancouver 144
4 WSU Alumni Association 98
5 WSU Everett 89
Ambassador Total Gifts Inspired Challenge
Congrats to the three most passionate, dedicated, and persuasive #CougsGive Ambassadors! Great work Stephen, Melody, and Michael!
Campus, College, and Program Leaderboard
Which campus, college, or program will raise the most during #CougsGive?
Rank Department Raised
1 Cougar Athletic Fund $146,513.25
2 College of Veterinary Medicine $132,021.50
3 Carson College of Business $76,255.00
4 WSU Alumni Association $24,195.00
5 WSU Vancouver $21,676.50
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